What to Do if You’re Outside When a Tornado Hits

Posted by: Mackenzie (D/D) - 07.17.2017 - 16:14 pm

Every decision is crucial if you find yourself in the path of a tornado. The wrong choice or a lack of preparation can prove costly. Below is a guide for what to do if you are caught outside

Do Not Attempt to Outrun the Tornado

Even in a quick sports car, you’re no match for Mother Nature. If you are driving when disaster strikes, don’t try to outpace the cyclone.

Do Not Hide in an Underpass

Thanks to Hollywood, many people believe that an overpass will provide adequate shelter in the event of a storm. Don’t be fooled. A bridge will not keep you safe.

Find a Sturdy Building

Instead of trying to outrun the tornado or hiding in an underpass, you should find the nearest sturdy building and take cover inside. Find the innermost room on the lowest level and stay there until the sirens stop.

A Last-Ditch Choice

If you are outside without a nearby building, take cover in a low-lying ditch. A lower ditch offers better protection. Lay down and use your hands to cover your head and neck.

Listen for Sirens

No matter where you are when a tornado arrives, it is important to listen for sirens. Even if you can’t see a tornado, there may be one around the corner. As soon as you hear these warning signals, you should seek shelter immediately.

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