Spring Home Maintenance Guide:

Posted by: Ben Lambourne - 04.20.2017 - 13:20 pm


Spring has brought plentiful sunshine and mild weather, which create perfect conditions for spring cleaning! Be sure to prepare your home for the summer and repair any household problems before they cause damage. 

Check your water heater

A leaking water heater can cause serious damage to a garage or basement.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, the average storage-type water heater only lasts about 10 years. Homeowners should check their water heaters on a routine basis for signs of corrosion.  


Clean dryer vents

Dryer lint can build up in traps and vents. Over time, this could become a fire hazard. Cleaning out the vent as well as the exhaust pipe can greatly extend the life of your dryer and prevent issues down the road.


Check the foundation

Warmer spring weather also brings rain. Homeowners should inspect the foundation around their house for any flaws. Exposed cracks in the foundation can be worsened with rain, cause flooding in basements and allow the home to shift. If you find any cracks, call a contractor to repair the foundation before the spring storms begin. 


Clean out gutters

It can be difficult or dangerous to clean out debris from gutters during the fall and winter months. During time of heavy rainfall, clogged gutters can crack or snap causing damage to the roof or water buildup around the foundation. Spring is the perfect time to remove any remaining leaves. 


Check your coverage

Spring brings the most cases of severe weather out of any other time of year. Homeowners should check their coverage and work with their Goosehead agent to determine whether any additional coverage, such as flood insurance, is needed. We are ready to walk you through your needs and best policy options for you. 

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