Flood Safety Tips

Posted by: Ben Lambourne - 04.06.2017 - 13:00 pm


At Goosehead, we often discuss the importance of adding flood insurance to your home insurance portfolio. Because it is not standard, many homeowners forget to add coverage or believe they do not need it. However, floods can happen to anyone in any area. 

Another important component to be aware of in regards to flooding is safety. How do you keep you and your loved ones safe if you are caught in a flash flood? Here are some important tips to remember. 


1. Turn Around, Don’t Drown ® 

If you are driving and approach standing water, don’t take unnecessary risks by attempting to drive through it. Although some waters may look shallow enough to cross, looks can be deceiving. It takes less water than you may think to sweep your car away. 


2. Do Not Walk Through Moving Floods

According to National Geographic, it only takes six inches of moving water to make you fall. This could lead to injury or worse. Again, it’s better to turn around and find an alternate route than to take such a huge risk. 


3. If Your Car is Sinking

If flood waters rise around your car while you are inside it, you will need to think quickly to make critical assessments. Abandon your car and seek higher ground immediately. 


4. Watch vs. Warning

As inclement weather arrives, be sure to keep up with your local news stations. It is imperative to understand the difference between a watch and a warning. A flood watch means that conditions are right for floods to occur, so you should stay aware. On the other hand, a flood warning means that a flood is currently underway or will begin soon. In this case, you should seek higher ground immediately and follow any evacuation orders you may receive. 


5. Be Prepared

As with all natural disasters, the best thing you can do is be prepared. Have a plan. Have backup supplies. And, of course, have flood insurance. Make sure your supplies are in a portable bag, like a backpack. Pack it with water, food, and necessary medicine. You may also include a flashlight and radio. 


If you have any questions about flood insurance, be sure to speak to your Goosehead agent. He or she will walk you through your needs and best policy options for you. 

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