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5 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Premium

Posted by: Mackenzie (D/D) - 06.12.2017 - 20:48 pm

Homeowners across the country are looking to cut costs in a variety of ways. At Goosehead, we strive to find policies that fit your needs and your budget.

You should not sacrifice coverage to reduce the cost of your home insurance policy. Instead, here are five ways you can reduce your home insurance premium without sacrificing coverage.

1. Achieve and Maintain Good Credit

Many people are surprised to learn that credit scores play a role in determining insurance costs. If your credit score isn’t where you would like it to be, take steps to improve it and then speak with your Goosehead agent. You may be eligible for significant savings.

2. Shop Around

The company that insured your home when you first bought it may not be the right fit any longer. You Goosehead agent will shop from many top-rated providers to find the policy that makes sense for you.

3. Improve Your Security

Some companies can offer huge discounts for updated fire and burglary alarms. These advanced systems can keep you safe and your wallet happy. Be sure to check with your agent before investing in an alarm to ensure that it’s, what you need to receive a discount.

4. Go Private

If you are currently on a government insurance plan, it may be time to switch. In certain high-risk areas, you may be paying too much under public plans. Your Goosehead agent can help you find a provider who can help.

5. Find Your Provider’s Discounts

Every insurance provider offers different discounts. For example, being retired or belonging to a professional organization can save you money with certain providers. Ask your agent what discounts you may qualify for.

Don’t decrease your coverage to save a quick buck. It might cost you down the road. Instead, try these tips on lowering your insurance premiums. For more useful tips, make sure to follow Goosehead on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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