5 Tips to Prevent Hail Damage:

Posted by: Ben Lambourne - 04.13.2017 - 15:57 pm

Hail on a street


Hail storms are sudden, damaging and dangerous. Each year, this type of inclement weather results in over $500 million dollars in damages. While hail is entirely unavoidable, proper planning and preparation can greatly reduce the chances of damage. Here are five tips to save you money and give you peace of mind during a hailstorm. 


1. Protect yourself

In 2014, there were 54 reported cases of serious injury related to hail storms. If it begins to hail, stay indoors and away from windows, glass doors and skylights. In addition, close any blinds or drapes to protect yourself from shattered glass. 


2. Park your vehicle somewhere safe 

A study by the Highway Loss Data Institute reports over $7.6 billion in hail damage to vehicles every 5 years. Purchase a protective cover for your vehicle or park inside a garage. 


3. Cover your outside furniture 

Keep all outdoor furniture under a covered place, such as a garage or shed, before a storm strikes to prevent damage. 


4. Make sure you are properly insured

Liability coverage alone does not extend to hail damage on your vehicle. However, comprehensive coverage will pay for damage as well as other weather-related events. If you are unsure of your current coverage, call your Goosehead agent to ask questions or upgrade your plan. 


5. Upgrade your roof

Hail can weigh up to 1.9 pounds and fall at speeds up to 48 miles per second, which could render  serious damage to homes. Hailstones can damage the granules attached to shingles, which speeds up the aging process and could potentially leave your roof exposed to leaks. If you are looking into replacing or repairing your roof, look into newer hail resistant shingles and refer to our previous blog here on how to avoid roofing scams will show you how to avoid the common tricks used by scam artists. 


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